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Talasco Dagang Sdn. Bhd. began operations back in 1984 and have almost three decades of experience to show for. Talasco have been living up to its name which is the abbreviation for ‘[Ta]han [Las]ak [Co]mpany’ which translates to ‘Durable’ in English.
In 1997, Talasco started their maiden journey in the service industry providing left luggage services in Kuala Lumpur International Airport to date. Services include baggage wrapping, repackaging and delivery.
Talasco further diversified their business by venturing into warehousing. They allocated land (approximately 72,000 sq ft) to construct a warehouse to lease out. With some additional warehousing space, they utilized it and entered into the food and beverage industry with the idea of it being recession proof.
Essential food such as palm oil, rice and sugar were the direction Talasco went with as they entered into commodity trading. They have their home brand ‘Chef Rose’ for each respective essential food and are certified halal. Trading is done both locally and internationally with the main objective of providing a credible platform in connecting global Halal supply-chain and certification for Halal Assurance.

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